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Sessions Time
Paper Type-ID Paper Title
Day 1: May 19th
Welcome Message 9:00 16:00 Day 1 Welcome Message by the Chair(s)
Keynote 9:10 16:10 Demystifying Amazon DynamoDB: Fast and flexible NoSQL database service for any scale
Akshat Vig, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
9:55 16:55 Break - End of keynote
Session 1: Task scheduling and placement
Session Chair: Yogesh Barve (Zoom Chair: Zhuangwei Kang)
10:00 - 11:55 10:00 17:00 FP-2 Evaluation and Complexity Analysis of Task Dependencies in an Artificial Hormone System (Best Paper Nominee)
E. Hutter, M. Pacher, U. Brinkschulte (Best Student Paper Winner)
10:20 17:20 FP-9 Precisely Timed Task Execution (Best Paper Nominee)
S. Reif, W. Schröder-Preikschat (Best Paper Winner)
10:40 17:40 FP-21 An Architecture for Declarative Real-Time Scheduling on Linux
G. Serra, G. Ara, P. Fara, T. Cucinotta
11:00 18:00 FP-7 The Efficient Multiprocessor Implementation of Synchronous Reactive Components
S. Baruah
11:20 18:20 IP-1 Heuristic partitioning of real-time tasks on multi-processors
A. Mascitti, T. Cucinotta, L. Abeni
11:40 18:40 SP-10 A Real-Time Application with Fully Predictable Task Timing
M. Platzer, P. Puschner
11:55 18:55 Break - End of session
Session 2: Distributed Real-Time Systems
Session Chair: Tommaso Cucinotta (Zoom Chair: Xingyu Zhou)
12:00 - 13:35 12:00 19:00 FP-6 Multi-Level Preemption in TSN: Feasibility and Requirements Analysis
M. Ojewale, P. Yomsi, B. Nikolic
12:20 19:20 FP-24 Time-dependent Decentralized Routing using Federated Learning
M. Wilbur, C. Samal, J. Talusan, K. Yasumoto, A. Dubey
12:40 19:40 FP-20 A Model-driven Middleware Integration Approach for Performance-Sensitive Distributed Simulations
T. Brummett, K. An, A. Gokhale, S. Mertens
13:00 20:00 SP-12 Container-Based Internet-of-Things Architecture Pattern: Kill Switch
D. Lennick, A. Azim, R. Liscano
13:15 20:15 IP-3 Heterogeneous Task Co-location in Containerized Cloud Computing Environments
Z. Zhong, J. He, M. Rodriguez, S. Erfani, R. Kotagiri, R. Buyya
13:35 20:35 End of Day 1
Day 2: May, 20th
Welcome Message 9:00 16:00 Day 2 Welcome
Session 3: Automotive and Avionic Real-Time Systems
Session Chair: Frank Mueller (Zoom Chair: Ziran Min)
9:05 - 11:05 9:05 16:05 FP-13 Security in Mixed Time and Event Triggered Cyber-Physical Systems using Moving Target Defense
(Best Paper Nominee)
B. Potteiger, F. Cai, A. Dubey, Z. Zhang, X. Koutsoukos
9:25 16:25 FP-14 Harmonizing ARINC 653 and Realtime POSIX for Conformance to the FACE Technical Standard
G. Bloom, J. Sherrill
9:45 16:45 FP-26 A Situation-Aware Adaptation Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems
N. Islam, A. Azim
10:05 17:05 IP-5 Predictable Vision for Autonomous Systems
M. Balszun, M. Geier, S. Chakraborty
10:25 17:25 IP-8 The Price of Schedulability in Multi-Object Tracking: The History-vs.-Accuracy Trade-Off
T. Amert, M. Yang, S. Nandi, T. Vu, J. Anderson, F. Smith
10:45 17:45 IP-4 Fast Failover in Ethernet-Based Automotive Networks
A. Kostrzewa, R. Ernst
11:05 18:05 Break - End of session
Session 4: WIP intro
Session Chair: Aniruddha Gokhale (Zoom Chair: Shuang Zhou)
11:10 - 11:55 11:10 18:10 WIP-3 Failure Detection in TSN Startup Using Deep Learning
D. Onwuchekwa, G. Juan, C. Lua, O. Roman
11:15 18:15 WIP-5 Probabilistic Schedulability Analysis for Real-time Tasks with Precedence Constraints on Partitioned Multi-core
S. Amor, L. Cucu-Grosjean, M. Mezouak, Y. Sorel
11:20 18:20 WIP-11 A Cross-Layer Review of Deep Learning Frameworks to Ease Their Optimization and Reuse
H. Tabani, R. Pujol, J. Abella, F. Cazorla
11:25 18:25 WIP-25 Internet of Things based Cyber-Physical System framework for Real-Time Operations
V. Maru, S. Nannapaneni, K. Krishnan
11:30 18:30 WIP-28 An Integrated Cyber-Physical Fault Management Approach
P. Ghosh, G. Karsai
11:35 18:35 WIP-32 Context-based learning for autonomous vehicles
M. Peixoto, A. Azim
11:40 18:40 WIP-36 Real-Time Event-Based Dynamic Multi-Depot Vehicle Rerouting
A. Madhu, R. Harikrishnakumar, K. Krishnan, S. Nannapaneni
11:45 18:45 WIP-37 Real-Time Dynamic Hardware Reconfiguration for Processors with Redundant Functional Units
R. Rotta, R. Ferreira, J. Nolte
11:50 18:50 WIP-39 Towards Industrial Security Through Real-time Analytics
P. Dangal, G. Bloom
11:55 18:55 End of Day 2
Day 3: May, 21st
Welcome Message 9:00 16:00 Day 3 Welcome
Session 5: Architectures & Instrumentation
Session Chair: Yogesh Simmhan (Zoom Chair: Gabriele Ara)
9:05 - 11:05 9:05 16:05 FP-8 A Generalized Approach for Non-intrusive Real-time Instrumentation of Standards-based Distributed Middleware
N. Lui, J. Hill
9:25 16:25 FP-15 Using Multi-core Architectures to Improve the Performance of Real-time Dynamic Binary Instrumentation
M. Du, J. Hill
9:45 16:45 FP-19 Towards Dual-Issue Single-Path Code
E. Maroun, M. Schoeberl, P. Puschner
10:05 17:05 FP-22 EXPPO: EXecution Performance Profiling and Optimization for CPS Co-simulation-as-a-Service
Y. Barve, Z. Kang, H. Sun, A. Gokhale, H. Neema, T. Roth
10:25 17:25 FP-34 A Systematic Migration Methodology for Complex Real-time Software Systems
M. Shaik, A. Papadopoulos, S. Mubeen, T. Nolte
10:45 17:45 IP-6 The AMPERE Project: A Model-driven development framework for highly Parallel and EneRgy-Efficient computation supporting multi-criteria optimization
E. Quiñones, S. Royuela, C. Scordino, L. Pinho, T. Cucinotta, B. Forsberg, A. Hamann, D. Ziegenbein, P. Gai, A. Biondi, L. Benini, J. Rollo, H. Saoud, R. Soulat, G. Mando, L. Rucher, L. Nogueira
11:05 18:05 Break - End of session
BPA Announcement and Conclusions
Concluding Remarks 11:10 18:10 Best Paper Awards Announcements and ISORC 2020 Concluding Remarks
11:15 18:15 End of ISORC 2020 conference
ODRE Workshop
Session Chair: Roman Obermaisser
Welcome message 11:15 18:15 ODRE Workshop Welcome Message by the Chair(s)
11:25 - 13:05 11:25 18:25 Probabilistic Dynamic Hard Real-Time Scheduling in HPC
F. Hofer, M. A. Sehr, B. Russo
11:45 18:45 Using SIL Arithmetic to Design Safe and Secure Systems
C. Menon, S. Iacovelli, R. Kirner
12:05 19:05 Discussion panel: Transforming Big Data into Actionable Knowledge (BiDAW)
Concluding Remarks 13:05 20:05 ODRE 2020 Workshop Concluding Remakrds
13:15 20:15 End of ODRE workshop session